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What IS A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Want to save money on your home owner’s insurance premiums? Your home could qualify for discounts if it meets certain criteria! A wind mitigation inspection is a standard form developed in Florida after the heavy hurricane season of 2004. This standardized form is comprised of 7 different areas and criteria that could save you on your premiums, or could highlight areas of recommended improvement. Let a Top Inspector perform a wind mitigation inspection on your home and you could get big savings!

A wind mitigation inspection includes the categories below:

  • #1 Age of the home: Could qualify for discounts if home permit was applied for after March 1st, 2002.
  • #2 Age of the roof: Could qualify for discounts if roof permit was applied for after March 1st, 2002.
  • #3 Roof Geometry: Could qualify for discounts on the geometry of your roof depending on if total roof perimeter is less than 10% “non-hip”.
  • #4 Rood deck nail size and spacing: Could qualify for discounts if the nails holding your roof on are longer or closer together.
  • #5 Roof to wall connection: Could qualify for discounts if the roof to wall connections have single or double wraps clips or if they are structurally connected.
  • #6 Secondary Water Resistance (SWR): Could qualify for discounts if your home has a qualifying SWR underlayment, sometimes called “peel and stick”. Standard underlayments or “hot-mopped” felts DO NOT qualify.
  • #7 Opening Protection: Could qualify for discounts when “Glazed openings” (basically means windows) are inspected for impact ratings. This could also mean properly installed and rated shutters.

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