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At Top Inspectors, we treat every home as if it were our own family's home.

Our mission: To ensure your safety and peace of mind by providing thorough and honest inspections. We build trust through transparency and reliability, creating opportunities and empowering you to make informed decisions about your home.

Vision: To safeguard your well-being and peace of mind with thorough and honest inspections. We cultivate trust through transparency and reliability, empowering you with the knowledge to make confident decisions about your home.

Values: Our dedicated team, fueled by passion and excellence, genuinely cares and collaborates closely to provide you with the most exceptional service. We pledge to treat you with empathy and respect, taking full responsibility for our work. At the core of everything we do is an unwavering commitment to constant improvement and mastering our craft.

You deserve to feel truly at home!

Meet Our Leadership Team!

Joe Hammond

General Manager/Inspector Manager

Joe serves as the General and Inspector Manager for Top Inspectors in
Orlando. With a rich background in home construction and general
contracting, Joe has been passionately inspecting homes for years.

Having personally completed thousands of home inspections and trained
numerous outstanding home inspectors, Joe brings a wealth of experience
and dedication to the team.

Joe has a genuine love for people and a deep passion for home
inspections. He especially enjoys helping our clients make informed
decisions about their new homes. At Top Inspectors, we treat every
inspection as if we were doing it for our own family.

Training hardworking and professional inspectors is another one of
Joe's true passions. We believe you deserve the very best, and Joe
ensures our inspectors undergo rigorous training for a minimum of three
months and participate in hundreds of inspections to meet our high
standards of expertise and professionalism.

As the General Manager, Joe also works tirelessly to ensure your
service experience is smooth, professional, and efficient. Our goal is
to make your inspection process as quick and easy as possible.

Welcome to the family!

Liz Hammond

Office Manager/Marketing Manager

Liz is the heart and soul of Top Inspectors in Orlando, serving as
our dedicated office and marketing manager. She works tirelessly to
ensure that every call is answered promptly, always ready to assist you
with any questions and help you book your inspection. With years of
experience in providing top-notch service, Liz is a true professional
who genuinely cares about your needs.

Liz also spearheads our marketing efforts to make sure you are always
informed about the exceptional home inspection services we offer in
Orlando. Her dedication to our community extends beyond her professional
role; Liz is actively involved in various charities such as KW Cares,
showcasing her incredible compassion and commitment to helping others.

Throughout the week, you’ll see Liz engaging with numerous community
groups and individuals, reflecting our belief in the importance of
staying close to those around us. Her goal is always to treat everyone
with the warmth and respect she would offer her own family.

Additionally, Liz is an accomplished blogger and social media expert,
sharing everything from insightful home inspection advice to practical
home cleaning tips and delicious recipes. Be sure to sign up for our
weekly blog posts to stay connected with Liz and the Top Inspectors

Welcome to the family!

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