Four Point Inspection

Insurance companies often request a four-point report to evaluate the roof, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. This helps them ensure that these crucial systems are functioning well or have been updated before providing insurance coverage.

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What Your Four Point Inspection Includes


Most insurance companies require the roof to have a remaining life expectancy of at least 3-5 years. We also document any signs of leaks (past or present), deteriorated materials, and repairs.


The insurance company wants to determine if there is an outdated electrical panel, the type of wiring in the home, and if there are any safety hazards or improperly installed or outdated materials.


Insurance companies want to verify that the heating and cooling system is well-maintained, functioning properly, and free from any signs of damage or deterioration.


Insurance companies may view certain types of plumbing, such as polybutylene and deteriorated cast iron, as potential issues. They also want to know if there are any signs of leaks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pass a four point inspection?

A four-point inspection doesn't result in a pass or fail outcome. However, an insurance company might request repairs based on the inspection findings before offering coverage. Some insurers may allow a grace period of approximately 30 days after a home purchase to address the items highlighted in the inspection.

How long is a four point inspection valid?

A four-point inspection is generally valid for the duration of the insurance policy or until the insurance underwriter requests a new inspection. If a home is sold, a new four-point inspection may be required, even if the seller has a previous report available. Additionally, when switching insurance companies, a four-point inspection is almost always required. In such cases, insurance companies typically do not accept reports that are older than one year.

How long does a four point inspection take?

The duration depends on the home's age, size, and complexity, but it typically takes no longer than one to one and a half hours.

Is a re-inspection required by the inspector after repairs are completed?

Most insurance companies will require a "clean" report before insuring the home. If deficiencies are noted, and repairs are made by the seller, an inspector must return to verify the repairs. A new four-point report will then be sent to you for your insurance company.

A trip charge applies if the inspector needs to return to verify repairs.

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