You Deserve The Best Home Inspection Experience In Florida! Quality is our highest priority. We are located in North Orlando and serve all of Orange and Seminole counties and surrounding areas.


A Top Inspectors Home Inspection is a non-invasive, visual inspection of a structure. Our inspections are performed by a licensed, certified professional, who are highly trained to look for defects or issues with the structure and its components, then the inspector will provide you with a digital photo report for your review. Don’t worry about remembering anything, it will all be in the report! Our standard inspection covers over 1,800 items, included in the categories below.

Our Reports Are High Tech! But Also User Friendly & Easy To Read!

We honor and support our heroes!

Active Duty Military, Retired Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMTs/First Responders receive a discount!
Just ask about our service discount when booking!

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What Makes Us Different

We are a family owned home inspection business in Orlando Florida. We believe in treating all our customers and clients like family. We inspect every home as if it were for a member of our own family. We are 100% dedicated to excellence and are always improving our systems and innovating to make sure you get the best and most valuable home inspection on the market! Our inspectors have performed thousands of professional home inspections and are the best in the world. We promise!

If you are not completely satisfied by the end of the inspection, we will give you a full refund AND pay a licensed inspector of your choice to perform another inspection!

All of our inspectors are certified, verified and have extensive background checks. You deserve the right professional!

Home Inspectors in Florida are only required to carry $300,000 worth of insurance coverage. You can rest easy knowing that Top Inspectors has a Million dollar insurance policy as added protection and benefits for our clients.

We make everything easy! From booking your inspection, to signing your agreement to payment and reading your report!

All of our inspectors are trained by ASHI Certified Inspectors to the highest possible standards!

Click here to verify your home inspector is part of ASHI.

Our Inspectors are all members of FABI and receive in-depth continuing education annually to ensure you get the most current and professional knowledge available!

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