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Sea world is a place of excitement and wonder. There is so much to see and so much to experience. One day is just not enough to enjoy all this wonderful park has to offer. With the attractions, the sea life, and the rides it is something to remember for a long time to come. I remember going as a teen and that is something I remember more than Disney.

There are fun shows the whole family can enjoy. There is the sea Lion and otter show. It is funny and younger kids will love the humor and the animals. They perform a very cute interactive skit with the animals.

Sea Lion and Otter show

Seeing the dolphins and killer whales was truly awe inspiring! I recall the first time I went when I was 17. The whale trainers would swim with the killer whales and lift them into the air as they swam. It was amazing! This recent experience was a little different however, still amazing to see! They are big whales and the whole family will learn about their habitats and behaviors in the wild. Not only will you enjoy the animals jumping, swimming and splashing you, if you are lucky enough to be in the “SOAK ZONE” you will learn something you can take with you forever.

Killer Whale show.

The dolphins were by far our whole families favorite! With the flips and swimming it is amazing! The trainers show you how they train them and what they can do in the wild too. Most of us may never see a dolphin in the wild. They also teach you some dolphin facts. like how long they can hold their breath and how high they can leap into the water!

Dolphin Show!

There are fun roller coasters and even a place with child rides so they wont feel left out. You cant bring in outside food to the park so there is an option to have all day dining. You and your family can eat there all day every hour. We packed a lunch not knowing this rule and it went bad I just wanted to warn you before you went if you decided to bring your own lunch.

For residents of Florida it is really cool because you can get a yearly subscription which is much cheaper than the one time pass! You and your family can go any time in the calendar year (block out dates may apply) and enjoy the sea life at this amazing park!

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